P e t e r   C o v i n o
P o e t      T r a n s l a t o r      E d i t o r


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Listen to an NPR Interview with Peter Covino, Nov, 2012

Reading at CityArt, Salt Lake City, Nov, 2012

Recent Reviews of The Right Place to Jump

Huffington Post, Sept. 2012 - "There are poems that seem to place him, to my mind, in the upper stratosphere of our small poetry world."

The Rumpus, March 2013 - "This is a book that is far-reaching in every way that matters — Covino is unafraid to be here formal, there experimental, here precise and there abstract."

Lambda Literary, May 2013 - "It is a swift wit which jumps off the page without a safety net, landing freshly far afield."

The Volta, Editor's Pick, 2013

Fogged Clarity, June 2014 - "Covino masterfully tracks the emotion of the speaker's voice; each poem, propels forward the inhabiting minute... He is profane, profound, and cleansing. Perhaps there is a little of James Bond in him."

Peter Covino Accepts the 2007 PEN/Joyce Osterweil Award for Poetry

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Peter Covino's poem "shepherd shaman wizard" composed for the Inauguration of University of Rhode Island's President David M. Dooley, April, 2010.

Interview on Cut Off The Ears of Winter from Mercury, 2009